What area does BagsAway Service?

BagsAway currently provides luggage pick-up and drop-off service to and from Toronto’s Pearson Airport, Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport, Greater Toronto Area hotels, offices and residences.

When will my luggage be delivered?

Your luggage will be delivered at a pre-determined time and place of your choice, within the Greater Toronto Area.

How much does it cost?

$ 9 for the first piece of luggage, and $ 4 for each subsequent luggage.

Can I track where my luggage is?

We are currently working on a GPS system to support luggage tracking. Coming soon!

Is my personal information secure?

Your information is safe with us. BagsAway does not distribute or share any customer personal information. The information we ask for is the bare minimum we need in order to provide you with a safe and reliable service.

Can I book multiple bags and journeys?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage booking your arrival and return journey at the same time by awarding a 5% discount on the entire order.

Can I book on the day of travel?

Yes, however we cannot guarantee the pick-up time that you request if the booking is made on the day of travel. If we are not able to accommodate your request the day of travel, you will receive a message notifying you of the order cancellation. To ensure timely pick-up and delivery, it is best to book as early as possible.

What if my flight is delayed, cancelled or rescheduled?

Our system automatically tracks your flight status and any delays will automatically be incorporated into your pick-up time. A member of our team will be expecting your arrival at the airport and will have a sign with your name on it, at the exit of the airport baggage pick-up. If you cancel or change your flight, please login into your BagsAway account and make the amendment in the ‘transactions’ section of your profile. You can also call 1-888-BagsAway

Where do I drop or collect my luggage in the airport?

Please refer to the luggage drop-off airport map to find our drop-off locations. If we are picking-up your luggage from the airport, a BagsAway driver will be present at the exit of the airport baggage claim with a sign that has your name on it. If there are any issues connecting with our driver, please call our service center at 1-844-647-2247 and our service professionals will contact the driver immediately.

Can I view my previous bookings?

You certainly can. All previous transactions can be viewed by logging into your account on our BagsAway website.

I have a question about my booking?

When you have made a booking, a confirmation email will be sent to you with all of your booking details. You may also view your booking details by logging into your account on our website, www.bagsaway.ca. If you have any further questions, you can email our service center at [email protected], or call us at 1-888-bagsaway

How can I contact BagsAway?

Our service center is here to help! If you are unable to find answers to your questions in this FAQ, and cannot find the answer on our website, you can contact our service center via email at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-bagsaway. A service center representative is available by phone during the hours of 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week.

How do I know that my bags will be stored and transported safely?

The safety of your luggage is our primary concern. When our team picks up luggage from you, we secure each bag with tie wraps to ensure the luggage is not opened or tampered with. Our transport vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and cctv camera’s to allow multiple eyes to be on your luggage at all times. All BagsAway empolyees are fully trained to perform their function with safety and security of luggage being their number 1 priority.

What happens if my luggage doesn't arrive at the airport in time for my departure?

While this is an unlikely event, we do have a system in place to get you your luggage as soon as possible, in the event that you luggage does not arrive at the airport in time. As soon as we are aware that the luggage has not arrived in time, a member of our management team will take over the case and organize delivery to any address that you specify. This could be your home, office, friend, family member etc.

What happens if something gets damaged or lost?

At BagsAway we aim for perfection and do not expect to come across this issue. However, in the event a piece of luggage is lost or stolen, BagsAway will cover up to $400 for each luggage.

How do I get charged for the service and when?

When you book our service online, you pay by Visa or Mastercard. Alternatively, you may pay when we pick up your bags, by Visa, Mastercard or cash.